What a Semester of IT has Taught Me

Does IT really matter? Nearing the end of our trimester, I have realized that IT has the capacity to lead management into a choice: Would they be managers or bystanders? Information technology has gone pass the mere hardware for it is now defined by something intangible stored in bits and bytes, borderless in scope and […]


  Facebook, Linked-in, Jobstreet, You-tube, WordPress, Twitter; these to name a few are platforms of social media that have ingrained themselves in everyday life. Admittedly I am not that active in social media but recently I have discovered that it does have its benefits. A wider professional circle and a greater market for opportunities are […]

Yes Piracy is Theft

Photo Credits: springfieldpc.dyndns.org Condemn the sin but not the sinner. This is a question of ethics versus practicality and to be completely honest I am at a deadlock. I do believe we should not compromise what is right for what feels right at the moment; this however is easier said than done.¬† Meager income and […]

Knowledge Management: Knowing and Sharing is Better

Quoting Hilary Mantel, “It is the absence of facts that frightens people: the gap you open, into which they pour their fears, fantasies, desires”. Every organization regardless of size will always have its key people, people who through length of service have been ripened by experience to know exactly what to do to get things […]

Business Intelligence Tools

“People who don’t use the tools given to them only injure them selves”. Business Intelligence Tools exist to make better informed decision making. These tools¬†however are not fully utilized due to lack of knowledge on the users’ end as to the benefits and relative ease that these tools can bring, hence the best way to […]

Online Shopping: It’s Perks & Set-Backs

Online Shopping is a fast growing trend where the shopping experience is brought before you less the traditional brick and mortar store.An extensive array of products are available for your viewing simply by clicking from one site to another hence adding ease and convenience to the shopping experience.Time and money that could have been spent […]

Wireless Network Tehnologies

Flexibility, Mobility & Convenience… Three things that come to mind on the topic of Wireless Network Technologies. Four decades ago, people believed in distance defining what we can and cannot do; but to the Managers of today distance no longer defines the extent of what we can and cannot achieve.Now the world is at our […]